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NOVEMBER 2018​​ “A big thank you to all involved. SARS has resolved the issue on 20 October 2018. Great Work.” 

“I received the correspondence mentioned in the letter, from SARS and am happy with the outcome. Thank you very much for your assistance with this. Without your help, I Probably still would have been waiting for them.”
OCTOBER 2018 “We thank you indeed for assisting in resolving this matter. Your efficient handling is most appreciated.”

“I would like to thank the ombudsman for the speed and integrity with which you handled my complaint. It is truly heart-warming to find institutions that work tirelessly and efficiently for the citizens of South Africa. As a resident, this gives me hope that organisations like yours would continue to outperform and exceed the shoddy service that we are becoming used to.”
SEPTEMBER 2018 “I have just received notice from SARS that the issue has been resolved and that I will be receiving a small refund (just in time to pay provisional tax). (Unfortunately (?)) Your excellent service will be rewarded by my talking about your red-tape-cutting skills to all friends and colleagues. My apologies in advance if I trigger a deluge of requests for help from others in need of your services. Thanks again for your help in resolving this matter.”

“Thank you for your prompt attention to my matter. A revised assessment was issued reversing the incorrect assessment and I am now awaiting the refund due which is to be transferred today per the statement of account. Once again, thank you for your prompt attention.”

“I like to inform you that SARS has paid me my money back today. Thank you very much for helping me out about this matter, keep up the good work.”

JULY 2018

“The case has been finalised & resolved. We really appreciate all your efforts in resolving this case. Thanks a mil……!”

“Thank you so much for intervening on the company’s behalf. We have always been fully compliant with all legislation including the income tax Act. Accordingly, it seemed very unfair for us to be subjected to on-going delaying tactics by SARS when we could have used that money to generate more business and consequently higher taxable income….we thus commend you for assisting law-abiding companies like this one in achieving a fair outcome.”

JUNE 2018
“Words cannot express how grateful I am for your assistance in resolving my rebate issue with SARS. Last night my rebate was deposited in my account after 8 month of waiting. I’m convinced this would NOT have happened without your help and assistance.”

“Thank you for your intervention in the matter concerning my long–delayed tax refund. The refund due to me was paid almost immediately upon delivery of my complaint – thanks to you who have demonstrated kindness, hard work and efficiency in having the matter resolved.”

“It really is a breath of fresh air to deal with the Tax Ombud colleagues. I have dealt with the SARS colleagues for so many years, I have never received an acknowledgement and any follow up for that matter this quick, and they never respond anything until you call many times before you can get any reaction. Your prompt response is indeed applauded. Many thanks and regards.”
May 2018

​​“It’s is with great relief and happiness that I send you this mail. I would like to thank you for taking up my case against the mighty SARS and clearing my name and saving my family from the pain we were subjected to, Thank you.”

“Thank you very much for the efficient service that you rendered to me. Thanks to you my refund got paid. Much appreciated.”


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