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​Date Source​ Article​​
17 December 2018​ Politics Web​​ ​How to repair SARS (V)
14 December 2018​ Daily Maverick​ Nugent Commission final report recommends criminal prosecution and far reaching changes to restore SARS​
7 December 2018​ International Law Office​ Is the Office of the Tax Ombud doing its job?​
26 November 2018​ IOL​ The V-word in the midterm Budget statement​
15 October 2018​ Business Day​ WATCH: The tax ombud on the big increase in queries​
12 October 2018​ 702​ Judge Bernard Ngoepe confident Sars ombud is helping tax payers ​
11 October 2018​ IOL​ Tax Ombud saves taxpayers millions of rand​
​9 October 2018​ ​CNBC Africa ​What the Tax Ombud makes of Tito Mboweni’s appointment as finance minister
​9 October 2018​ ​MoneyWeb ​5 years on, Tax Ombud saves taxpayers over R400m
10 October 2018​​ MoneyWeb​​ ​Tax refunds: There are still issues, Ombud says
​9 October 2018​ ​Business Report Complaints against Sars are on the rise​
​9 October 2018​ ​BusinessTech ​The biggest complaints taxpayers have with SARS – and why it is blocking refunds
​9 October 2018 ​Engineering News Tax Ombud secures nearly R450m in refunds in biggest tax disputes for 2017/18
​9 October 2018 ​Mail and Guardian ​Tax ombud report: Millions recouped with ombud’s intervention
​9 October 2018 ​702 Tax Ombud fights Sars for free on your behalf. It’s winning; 99.79% success rate
9 October 2018​ ​Cape Talk ​Top complaints dealt with by tax ombud relate to R450m in unpaid refunds
​14 September 2018 ​Moneyweb ​The tax ombud – a beacon of light
​13 September 2018 ​Sandton Chronicle ​Nhlanhla Nene says corruption and slow economic growth may impact revenue collection
12 September 2018​ IOL​ ​Ngoepe is for the people
31 Aug​ust 2018​ ​BusinessTech ​Delayed refunds, identity theft, and other major complaints with SARS right now
29 August 2018​ Business Day​ ​You’re invited to a Business Day Dialogue on the work of the tax ombud
28 August 2018​ IOL​ ​Sars to pay long over due refunds
24 August 2018​ Fin 24​ Delay in refunds could've lead to inflated tax revenue, SARS inquiry hears
​24 August 2018 ​EWN Tax Ombud says unlawful practice discovered at Sars
​24 August 2018 ​The Citizen Taxpayer refunds were delayed ‘to cook Sars’ books’, commission hears
24 August 2018​ Mail & Guardian​ Sars deliberately withheld tax refunds, Nugent commission hears
12 February 2018​​ Business Day​ SARS gets heavy-handed with taxpayers over debts — but is flouting its own rules
13 December 2017​ MoneyWeb​ Sars plans to revive tax courts ​
13 December 2017​ Business Day​ Personal income tax returns dwindle in slowing economy ​
6 December 2017​ Business Day​ Davis tax report proposes bill of rights​
30 November 2017​ IOL World Bank and PWC study reveals risk of increased tax rate for SA​
28 November 2017​ Business Day​ SARS commissioner Moyane lashed over return of Makwakwa​
22 November 2017​ Fin24​ Questions about SARS 'deliberate' withholding of refunds​
12 November 2017​ Gears of Biz​ Sars insists it’s not withholding refunds​
1 November 2017​ Daily Maverick​ Op-Ed: SARS boss Tom Moyane’s parallel universe​
18 October 2017​ Business Day​ SARS’s late tax refunds ‘may be ploy’ ​
18 October 2017​ Times Live​ Tax ombudsman vows to keep SARS honest​
18 October 2017​ MoneyWeb​ Tax Ombud’s office ‘stretched to the limit’ ​
17 October 2017​ Fin24​ Tax ombud slates SARS, says it must drop 'skop and donner' attitude
12 September 2017​ Moneyweb​ Sars sees serious slippage in compliance culture ​
11 September 2017​ ​allAfrica ​South Africa: Minister Malusi Gigaba - 2017 Tax Indaba
11 September 2017​ ​Fin24 Over 2 100 complain to tax ombud in last financial year​
9 September 2017​ ​​City Press Tax ombud blasts downplaying of delay in multibillion-rand refunds​
8 September 2017​ ​Mail & Guardian Sars 'unduly delays' tax refunds​
​5 September 2017 ​Fin24 ​LIST: How SARS can avert delays in refunds
5 September 2017​​ ​Business Report Tax Ombud finds the delay of refunds caused undue hardship​
5 September 2017​ ​Moneyweb ​Sars unduly delays tax refunds in some cases, Ombud finds
​5 September 2017 ​ENCA Ombud tells Sars to pay out
4 September 2017​ EWN​ ‘No sign that we wilfully withheld refunds,’ says Sars group executive​
4 September 2017​ ​Business Report Sars deliberately delayed our tax refunds says DA after report​
​4 September 2017 ​BusinessTech ​SARS ‘unfairly’ delayed paying tax refunds: ombudsman
​4 September 2017 ​PoliticsWeb ​Tax Ombud confirms that SARS delaying tax refunds - Alf Lees
7 August 2017​ Fin24​​ ​Tax ombud sees further rise in complaints
24 July 2017​ IOL​ Tax Ombud wants fair deal for all​
18 July 2017​ IOL​ WATCH: Judge Ngoepe at child welfare centre in Mams for Mandela Day​
7 July 2017​ MoneyWeb​ Provisional report on tax refund delays finalised ​
6 July 2017​ BusinessTech​ Get ready to wait a while for your 2017 tax return​
​6 July 2017 Citizen​ Tax ombudsman’s Sars probe at an advanced stage ​
4 July 2017​ Farmer's Weekly​ SARS issues guidelines for diesel rebate repayments
18 June 2017​ ​Fin 24 ​Legal firms ripping off state - Ngoepe
​18 June 2017 ​Fin 24 A true servant of the people​
15 June 2017​ News 24​ Invitation to tax talk​
12 June 2017​ Dr Beric Croome​ Tax Ombud To Investigate Alleged Delays In Payment Of Refunds By Sars​
8 June 2017​ Daily Maverick​ Analysis: Moyane, the Gupta R70 million windfall and the trouble with SARS​
1 June 2017​ PoliticsWeb​ Wealth Tax counter-productive, will lead to capital flight – Cape Chamber​
23 April 2017​ ​Times Live Not another cent of taxpayers’ money must be spent at Nkandla: Maimane
10 April 2017​ ​Times Live DA request Tax Ombud to probe whether SARS dragging feet on tax payable by Zuma
4 April 2017​ ​BizNews ​SARS collects over R1trn but concerns persist over VAT refunds
3 April 2017​ ​Business Day ​ECONOMIC WEEK AHEAD: SARS tax collection figures may fall short
3 April 2017​ ​SABC News ​Sars supports tax ombudsman's probe
30 March 2017​ ​City Press ​Tax ombud probe heads into unchartered territory
29 March 2017​ ​MoneyWeb ​Is South Africa experiencing a decline in tax morality?
27 March 2017​​ IOL More power to the taxpayer
23 March 2017​​ ​Rand Daily Mail SARS yet to pay R20bn in VAT refunds, says Pravin Gordhan
23 March 2017​​ ​Business Day ​SARS sits on R20bn in VAT refunds
22 March 2017​​ ​Politics Web ​Tax Ombud investigation into refund delays by SARS welcomed
22 March 2017​​ ​EWN ​Sars awaits terms of probe into tax refund processes
21 March 2017​ ​SABC ​Tax Ombudsman to probe SARS
21 March 2017​​ ​EWN ​Sars stands by tax refund processes
21 March 2017​​ ​EWN ​Sars fears nothing despite pending probe
21 March 2017​​ ​EWN ​Sars confident probe into tax system will restore public confidence
21 March 2017​​ ​BizNews ​Sinister motives for tax refund delays? SARS czars in spotlight as Tax Ombud probes claims
20 March 2017​​ ​Engineering News ​Sars systems to be investigated by Tax Ombud
20 March 2017​​ ​EWN ​Jonas gives go ahead for probe in Sars systems
20 March 2017​​ ​ENCA ​SARS welcomes investigation into its systems
17 March 2017​​ ​Mail & Guardian​ ​Tax ombud wants to investigate Sars
15 March 2017​ ​Moneyweb ​Proposed probe into tax refund delays ‘long overdue’
13 March 2017​​ ​Biz Community Tax ombudsman asks to probe delayed refunds
13 March 2017​​ ​Business Day Why the tax ombudsman wants to probe delayed refunds
10 March 2017​​ ​SABC Tax Ombudsman to investigate SARS over delayed refunds
26 February 2017​ ​IOL ​Tax ombud concerned about SA's political stability
24 February 2017​ ​Mail & Guardian ​Moyane turns to Zuma in his bitter battle with Gordhan
1 Feb​ruary​ 2017 ​Norton Rose Fulbright The Tax Ombud’s office can provide assistance​
26 January 2017​ FA News​ More independence and powers for the office of the Tax Ombud​
26 January 2017​​ ​Insurance Gateway ​More independence and powers for The Office of the Tax Ombud
25 November 2016​​ ​IOL ​Sars accused of delaying VAT refunds
25 October 2016​​ ​Cape Talk ​Tax Ombud to get greater powers to keep Sars in check
16 October 2016​​ ​City Press Tax ombud calls for greater powers
11 October 2016​​ ​Moneyweb ​Tax Ombud finds in favour of taxpayers in 87% of cases
8 October 2016​​ ​IOL ​Tax ombud report reflects greater awareness of his function
6 October 2016​ ​Business Day Taxpayers fume as SARS sits on refunds, asks them to jump through extra hoops
20 September 2016​​ ​Money Web Tax Ombud still aims for true independence
14 September 2016​ ​BizCommunity ​Tax Ombud term of office extended
14 September 2016​ iafrica.com​ Gordhan extends tax ombud's term
13 September 2016​ Moneyweb​ Tax Ombud Bernard Ngoepe’s term extended by three more years ​
6 September 2016​ Moneyweb​​ SARS Service Charter to be implemented before year-end​
30 August 2016​ FANews​ 6th Annual ​FISA Conference: Synopsis of presentations​
26 August 2016​ Moneyweb​ South Africans won’t pay tax if it’s wasted, Ombud warns ​
16 August 2016​ Moneyweb​ ​Steps to increase independance of SARS watchdog welcomed.
15 August 2016​ Business Day​ Will the Tax Ombud's new independance be enough?
​22 July 2016​ ​​Mail & Guardian ​​Pointless legal action? Then you pay, says tax ombud – and Zuma, Hlaudi could be next
​20 July 2016 ​Mail & Guardian The tax ombud is on a quest for more power and greater independence from Sars
16 July 2016 IOL​ The Tax Ombud’s office is there to help
​14 July 2016 IOL​ In Personal Finance on 16 July​
12 July 2016​ ​CNBC Africa​ S.A's tax system enhanced (Video)
11 July 2016​ IOL​ ​It’s open season on tax complaints
8 July 2016​ Moneyweb​​ Tax Ombud ‘open’ to serving another term
8 July 2016​ Reuters​ South Africa Treasury publishes proposals for tax on sugar, invites comment
1 June 2016​ IOL​ Girl power! Ombud offers top achiever a sponsorship
14 March 2016​​ IOL​ ​Calling taxman to account