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The Office of the Tax Ombud is led by the Tax Ombud who is supported by the Chief Executive Officer. The Office currently consists of four business units. These business units include Operations, Communications and Stakeholder Relations, Legal Services and Systemic Investigations, and Office Enablement and Support Services.


The Office of the CEO provides overall strategic leadership and support within the organisation. This includes direction on the development and implementation of organisational strategies, monitoring and evaluation of organisational performance, and governance. The following business units reports to the Office of the Chief Executive Officer:

• Operations
• Legal Services and Systemic Investigations
• Communications and Stakeholder Relations
 • Office Enablement and Support Services


This is the core of the business and is the first point of contact for taxpayers. It plays a vital role within the Office of the Tax Ombud by reviewing and addressing taxpayers’ complaints. The unit also manages the reporting on investigative performance and statistical data relating to complaints. It identifies systemic, emerging and serious issues that emanate from the complaints that have been submitted and addresses them with SARS. The unit is headed by the Senior Manager: Operations.


The strategic goal of the Communications and Stakeholder Relations business unit is to promote stakeholder engagement and raise public awareness to ensure the efficiency and accessibility of the Office of the Tax Ombud. The unit is responsible for brand positioning, stakeholder engagement, language management, reputation management, media relations and taxpayer communication. It also positions the organisation among employees, and looks after the communication and engagement aspects of the relationship between the employer and employees. Internal and external positioning is mainly achieved through meetings, presentations, electronic communications, print and broadcast media, road shows and other external events, and through articles placed in the publications of targeted professional bodies. The unit is headed by the Senior Manager: Communications and Stakeholder Relations.


The purpose of the Legal Services and Systemic Investigations unit is to provide an enterprise–wide legal service to all areas of the business, inclusive of legal guidance on concluded cases. Legal Services actively take part in the committees and day-to-day business operations in order to assist with any technical problems that may arise. The unit is headed by the Senior Manager: Legal Services and Systemic Investigations.


The purpose of Office Enablement and Support Services is to support the OTO in achieving its strategic goals. This is achieved through co-ordination and oversight of all management support of Human Resources, Finance, Facilities and Occupational Health and Safety. In this regard it ensures adherence to compliance of all relevant legislative requirements for policy formulation and frameworks. In addition the unit provides a conducive environment for employees of the organisation, in order to promote optimum service delivery. The unit is headed by the Senior Manager: Office Enablement and Support Services.